Tom’s 30th Birthday Weekend

I’m not the only one in my 30’s in this relationship now! Tom has officially turned 30 and I planned an extra special weekend for him! So let’s get started.

Friday Night

On Friday after work I took Tom out for a nice dinner and drinks. We started out at Bo’s Kitchen and Bar room. We sat on a comfy couch and ordered amazing drinks!

Tom had his favorite drink a Negroni, spring 44 gin campari carpano antica formula. I ordered the Boss Lady Thyme, spring 44 gin, st. germain, fig jam, lemon.

After drinks we walked over to The Black Barn Nomad for dinner. I had read rave reviews about this and they had a lot of items on the menu Tom loves so I knew it would be the perfect fit.

The night started out with more cocktails. Tom ordered the The NoMad, Barrel Aged Hudson Maple Rye Whiskey, Maurin Dry Vermouth , Honey, Orange Bitters. I ordered the Famers Market which seemed to be their seasonal gin drink and is no longer on the menu. It was a little too sweet for me.

We were then served bread with a butter, roasted garlic, oil and vinegar combo that was really tasty.

After that came the amuse bouche which was a little fried rice ball. So so good and was definitely an indicator of how awesome dinner was going to be.

For dinner Tom ordered the BBQ Beef Ribs, chipotle-orange rub, shoestring fries , cucumber salad. This was incredible. The ribs were as big as his head and so tender you could pull the bone right out. Every bite was delicious.

I had the Blackened Big-Eye Tuna served rare. It featured sicilian caponata, basil parsley salad, lemon dressing, pickled raisins. Though different this was as good as the incredible tuna I had at Merriman’s in Hawaii.

We were far too full for dessert, but our lovely waitress gave us the apple cider donuts with caramel dipping sauce for free in honor of Tom’s birthday. This is Disney level service and so so sweet. The donuts were so tasty and I wish we could have finished them.

We absolutely loved the Black Barn. The food was outstanding and the service was amazing. You should definitely check it out.


We started Saturday off with some coffee and Game of Thrones Donuts from Sugar and Water. They were very tasty!

That afternoon we had some friends meet us at Singlecut Beersmiths for some really good IPAs and really food nachos.

Tom and I both ordered The Dean (Singlecut’s flagship brew) and share the pork nachos with all the fixins.

Back at the apartment it was time for the real party to begin! I had planned an MTV Challenge Dirty 30 themed birthday party for Tom. If you follow us on Instagram then you know The Challenge on MTV is one of our favorite guilty pleasures and recently they had a season themed dirty 30!

I decorated the apartment and planned a couple of challenged themed things. We had a food challenge featuring CT. I made like 6 dozen chicken wings in the crockpot for everyone to eat.

I made a cocktail called the Production Green Drink because they dye the alcohol green on the show to keep track of how much the cast is drinking. Our green drink was a cross between a white wine spritzer and white sangria. So good on a hot day.

We had games and puzzles featuring TJ Lavin the host of The Challenge. We spent most of the night playing Code Names Pictures. One of Tom’s favorite board games.

Last, but certainly not least we had Johnny Banana’s Cream Pie for dessert. He is one of the most famous cast members on the show.


On Sunday, we relaxed in the morning. It was nice to have nothing to do. In the afternoon we walked over to Vintage on Ditmars for late brunch.

I ordered the Bagel and Lox Panzanella salad which was very small, but very tasty. It was supposed to have pieces of everything bagel in it because a panzaella salad is a bread salad and I only got 8 tiny pieces.

Tom had the bacon jam toast with whipped ricotta. This was also really tasty and little more filling than my salad.

After brunch we walked over to the park to enjoy the nice weather. We also had some ice cream because why not!

All in all I would say Tom had a pretty great birthday weekend! Cheers to being 30! It’s pretty great.

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