Astoria Bucket List

Today we are introducing two new series called the Astoria Bucket List and Dear Astoria. It makes me really sad to write this, but Tom and I have decided our time in Astoria has come to an end. We are very excited about the next chapter in our life together, but it does hurt to know we will soon be leaving the place we have called home for almost 4 years.

The Astoria Bucket List posts will be about new things we’ve always wanted to do while living in Astoria and Dear Astoria will feature some of our favorite places and why we love them. Not every item on the bucket list will get its own blog post, but we will for sure post about it on Instagram. You can follow us @astoriaus.

We won’t be moving until early next year and over the next few months we will be checking off a lot of items from our Astoria Bucket List. The list is below and as we do something we will share the experience with you. It’s full of some of our favorite things and some things we have always wanted to do. So for our fellow Astorians out there are we missing anything from our list? What are your Astoria Must-Dos that we cannot miss out on?

  1. Movie nights at the park
    2. Dinner Vesta Vino
    3. Breakfast at Comfortland
    4. Order a boil at Sugar Freak
    5. Dinner at Milkflower
    6. Dinner at Agnanti
    7. Blackbird’s (for wings and other apps)
    8. Astoria Seafood
    9. Pizza from Rosarios
    10. Dinner at Gaijin (Update – they are shutting down on 8/18. I don’t think we will make it.)
    11. Picnics in the park
    12. Buy Astoria themed art for new home
    13.Dinner at Telly’s
    14. Brunch at Queens Comfort
    15. Steinway factory tour
    16. Take a class or see a show at the Q.E.D
    17. Walk the RFK Bridge
    18. Dinner at Hinomaru
    19. Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna
    20. Cheese night at home with Astoria bier and cheese
    21. Go to Astoria Bier and Cheese
    22. Walk around the neighborhood with a milkshake – like we are on vacation
    23. Sit on the rocks at Ralph Demarco Park
    24. Hot apple cider from OK cafe
    25. Watch the fireworks from Steph and Peter’s roof
    26. Trivia night (Bohemian, Singlecut, anywhere)
    27. Mets Game
    28. Volunteering in Astoria Park
    29. Dinner and Pizza from Sacs

Oh and by the way we will always be Astori-A-Us because this is where our journey began. We will always love Astoria and all the wonderful things it brought to our life. PS. As we complete items we will link them in the list!


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