Yonkers Brewing Company

Thanks to our wonderful friends Lindsay and Chris we got to check out Yonkers Brewing Company! They gave Tom a groupon for his birthday. I linked the deal to the word groupon if anyone wants to check it out. It’s a pretty good deal. The brewery is located on the waterfront and is serving up really good beer and food. We really loved the industrial feel on the inside.

As per-usual, we started out with flights because it’s the best way to taste the most beer without overdoing it. Yonkers does flights a little differently. Instead of picking whichever 4 beers you want they have 4 pre-made flight lists for you to choose from. These flights are subject to change based on what they have on tap. I believe we both ordered the Hudson Line Flight.

The beers were very refreshing and tasty. In true Astori-A-Us fashion I did not take notes on what we were drinking and the brewery has since swapped out the taps. Just trust us the beers were really good. They had your standard fair of IPAs, Lagers, and Sours.

For food we started with the spicy pineapple IPA chicken wings and the bavarian pretzels with their Vienna lager mustard. First thing you will notice is that they are cooking with their beer! They get major bonus points for this. It’s both creative and fun. It also makes for really good pairings.

The chicken wings were not that spicy, but they were full of flavor. The meat was also really tender and juicy. The pretzel sticks were pretty standard, but we did enjoy the mustard.

Since we felt this was not enough food we put in an order for their meat and cheese plate as well because I have a problem and cannot resist a cheese plate. Guess what? It was too much food and we couldn’t finish it… eyes were way bigger than our stomachs.

Before it was time to head home Tom ordered one final IPA to wash down all the food with. All in all we had a really great experience here. The food was good and the beer was frosty and flavorful. I will say we spent a lot of money even with the Groupon so it is a little expensive, but still good. Have you been to Yonkers Brewing Co? What did you think?

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