Dear Astoria: Rosario’s Deli

Welcome to our first Dear Astoria post! We’re checking off a bucket list item! This time we are chatting about Rosario’s Deli on 31st Street near the Ditmars stop. Why you ask? Because they make 1 of our favorite pizzas in Astoria!

On top of being a deli who makes pizza they are also an Italian Grocery store. They have all sorts of amazing products for you to choose from. Including a wall of all different kinds of pastas.

To get some delicious pizza you either need to call in your oder and pick it up or go into the back of the shop and order it. If you want to eat your pizza fresh and hot out of the oven they have a couple of tables setup for that. You can get a pie or slices!

We like to take our pizza to go so we can get comfy on the couch and pair with a nice bottle of red wine. We usually binge watch something and call it the best date night ever.

The pizza is topped with a sweeter tomato sauce with a touch of onion. Then they put on the fresh mozzarella cheese. There are other toppings to choose from that can only help to enhance your pizza experience, but you don’t really need them.

They also make a Sicilian pizza that is so good and so crispy while still maintaining the soft doughy middle. Definitely try that if you can!

So if you’re ever getting off the train at Ditmars and are in the mood for pizza please check this place out. It’s incredible.

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