Tom Drinks Scotch

and Shannon eats food. That’s the perfect way to describe how we spent our time at The Macallan Estate event we went to last week. Before going on with this post, I want to note that this is not a sponsored post, but this event was gifted to us. Also a disclaimer: the lighting was terrible so the pictures are not great, but I think they were going for dark and mysterious. It was also really crowded making it difficult to take pictures, but as always our blog represents our true experience and not the fake instagramable stuff.

Last week, Tom and I got the opportunity to go to the US launch party of the new Macallan Estate Reserve. This single malt scotch was hand crafted with special barely grown on the actual Macallan Estate in Scotland.

The event started in a very warm and humid lounge (the building didn’t have AC) where we were served passed horderves while we were given a little tour of the estate.

The tour was given using a model much like the model in Beetlejuice created by Alec Baldwin’s character, Adam. We were expecting a giant stripy ghost like snack to appear at any minute, but we digress.

We learned a lot about the estate. There’s a river there perfect for salmon fly fishing where you can sit an enjoy a dram of scotch afterwards. The distillery is crafted to look like the rolling hills of Scotland complete with real grass on top that they water and take care of. We’ve decided a visit to the estate is definitely a bucket list item.

From there, we moved onto an interactive experience where they took us through a proper tasting of the new scotch.

First we were asked to unlock our tasting. Then we were asked to sit as they played a video about the secrets of the Macallan Estate. The video screens were large and it made us feel like we were actually there. Almost like we were flying over Scotland. Once the video was over we were welcomed to smell and taste this rare drink. Let me start out by saying I am not the scotch fan in this couple, but I didn’t hate it. Tom would tell you that it was very good; rich and oaky with hints of orange and vanilla.

After our tasting, we were whisked away to an apartment within the building. Here is where the party took place. We grabbed some cheese and made ourselves comfy on some chairs while we ate.

They passed out cocktails made with Macallan that I actually liked. I picked the one that sounded like a Moscow Mule, but with scotch instead of vodka. Tom continued to sip of the estate single malt we were given (I gave him mine to have too).

After eating a little, we explored the apartment. There was a chef working in the kitchen making some Scottish delights like lamb hand pies. He looked very familiar and much to our surprise it was Chef Scottish Francis (of MasterChef) owner of Sugar and Water in Astoria. He was very busy so we briefly said hello and then went about exploring.

Our last stop on the tour was a secret room with a bar. Here they had a bartender from The Office serving up a cocktail using ingredients scotch is made from like barely. It was lightly sweeten with an interesting after taste. Tom really liked it and I thought the concept was awesome, but I’ll stick with my scotch mule.

We finally ended our night in the barely room where they took a moveable image of us using 8 different cameras.

Before leaving the building, we made sure to sign the guestbook. It was really cool experience and we are so happy Macallan invited us. Hopefully, we’ll get to do it again next year.

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