Dear Astoria: HinoMaru Ramen

Checking off a bucket list item with dinner at HinoMaru Ramen. HinoMaru, in our opinion, is the best ramen restaurant in Astoria. BUT! Don’t take our word for it… this place is Michelin recommended!

This tiny restaurant on Ditmars serves up hot bowls of yummy Japanese soup in so many different flavors! Tom recommends any of them that comes with their famous fireball, but he also wants you to know you can add the spicy pork ball to any of the ramens for an additional fee.

They also have a good beer selection that the menu shows you how to pair perfectly with your ramen! We definitely recommend grabbing a brew with your noodles!

On our most recent trips there I had the spicy miso ramen: chicken broth, chashu pork, corn, scallion, bean sprouts, big fire ball, and fish cake. Tom had their signature ramen: New York style with creamy pork broth, chashu pork, kikurage, menma, scallion, bean sprouts, fire ball, nori, and fish cake. Both are very delicious!

Pro tips for HinoMaru: Get there early, especially, in the winter months. Take out is ok, but it’s way better fresh in the restaurant.

So head on over to Ditmars for one of our Astoria favorites! Oh and definitely send us a pic of your noods (noodles… get your mind out of the gutter)… bad joke!


      1. Sadly, for me, NYC is another continent and an 8 hour flight away. But I’m hoping to get to NYC somewhere next year and visit this place.
        But I found a good place in Antwerp I still wanna check out

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