Going Vegan with Yondu

We were so lucky to be gifted an event with the brand Yondu. Yondu is an umami vegetable essence sauce. It’s literally made from boiled concentrated vegetables. There whole mission to to sell the healthy plant-based lifestyle with help from their tasty sauce. The sauce promises to naturally enhance the flavor of vegetables. Spoiler Alert: It does! Before we talk about the event we want to let you know this post is not sponsored, but we were gifted the event thanks to our friend Will.

We arrived at the event and were given delicious gingery Korean tea to enjoy while they gave us a tour of the space. The space was very hip with exposed brick walls, marble countertops, and lots of green plants. It’s definitely a great hangout space.

The event began with a demonstration of how cool and tasty this sauce is. The chef made a simple 3 minute soup with water, leeks, fennel, and snow peas. He simply bowled it for 3 minutes and served it to us. We had to taste the very boring water soup and then we had to add a teaspoon of the yondu to it. And the difference was insane! It tasted really good. What a simple and healthy snack! So crazy!

Next, the chef sautéed some radishes and added a little bit of the Yondu sauce. The normally bitter boring radishes were transformed into something we could all just munch on. They had so much flavor with no added salt. I don’t recommend eating as many radishes as I did because my stomach has been very upset all day because of it…but they were so tasty!

After that, they served us 2 different servings of kale. One was made with just salt and the other with yondu. You could seriously taste the difference.

The last of our courses were recipes created by a world-renowned Korean chef. She first gave us samples of her mother’s homemade kimchi from Korea. I’ve never had kimchi like this before. It was spicy, but so so flavorful. She also used mustard greens instead of traditional cabbage.

The chef’s first dish was silken tofu with yondu and some of the amazing kimchi topped with micro-greens. She told us that this is something she would make for herself when she got home from work. The dish was soft, spicy, salty, and perfectly balanced. It was a savory little bite that left you wanting more.

Next, she made us these amazing noodles in a chilled broth. We were told to drizzle the yondu on top of extra flavor. This was my favorite of all the dishes.

While we ate we were served ice cold Korean rice beer which was a combo of sake and beer. So so good!

The last dish she prepared was a vegan bibimbap. She prepared it with the traditional dehydrated vegetables that she rehydrated in some stock. Of course there was also kimchi and yondu as well. All of this sat on a bed of ancient grains. It was also a very satisfying dish.

Last, but certainly not least was a rhubarb galette. There wasn’t any yondu in it, but they wanted us to end the night with something sweet and sweet it was.

Thanks again for having us Yondu! If you’re interested in trying Yondu you can learn more on their website.


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