Beach Days 2019

Day One:

We love the beach as most of you already know. It’s crucial to us that we get down the shore at least 2 times each summer and this year was so exception. Since the beach is pretty much the same each year we gathered some highlights to share with you.

Our first trip happened to be on a cold and rainy day. We took a Friday off weeks in advance to go to the beach, but the weather had other plans. That’s ok because there’s lots to do and eat while down the shore.

Surf Taco

We stopped at Surf Taco in Point Pleasant for lunch. This is a shore staple and their fish tacos are a must for me. What could be better than battered and fried fish on a taco? The answer.. NOTHING! Tom ordered a chicken burrito and we just hung out for a while hopping the weather would clear up.

Brave New World

After lunch we hopped into Brave New World so I could grab a sweatshirt. It was only 60 degrees outside and I was wearing a bathing suit coverup.

This store was a favorite of my childhood always stopping in at least once during our trip. It’s where I would pickup some super cool surf/skateboard clothes because I was cool like that. Tom did the same growing up.

Jenkinson’s Broadwalk

Next up, the boardwalk. It’s always fun to walk the boardwalk on a rainy day and play some arcade games.

During our walk we noticed a couple of new treats available at Jenks. The first is a dairy free option over a Khors! It’s soft serve almond milk ice cream in both chocolate and vanilla. You can even swirl it!

The second treat is the famous Disney Dole Whip… yes, you read that right.. the Dole Whip. I don’t really know how to feel about this, but it made me really excited for our upcoming trip!

We also walked on the beach for a little bit since it stopped raining, but it was still really cold.

Icarus Brewing

It wouldn’t really be an Astori-A-Us adventure without stopping at a brewery and a cold beach day is the perfect excuse. Icarus is located in Lakewood, NJ and was quick ride from Point Pleasant.

They’re serving up their own fresh local brews with some killer flavors like cucumber and pineapple. They even make their own sodas with unique flavors like guava.

We really loved the vibe here. They are a super laidback brewery and they aren’t trying to be anything else. They make good beer, have a great staff, and if you want to eat they have a food truck out front.

Seaside Heights

Our last stop on this cold rainy day was the heights. It was of course made famous by the show Jersey Shore. We again just walked the boardwalk for a little bit before we strolled on over the beach.

The sun was finally starting to come out so this walk was a little bit warmer and the chilly water hitting our feet was welcome.

Last, but not least was dinner. You can’t leave the shore without sausage and peppers and some clam strips!

Day Two:

For our second shore day we picked the hottest day of the summer to layout in Point Pleasant.

The beach was crowded, the water was freezing, and at one point a family literally sat on top of us. It was not a fantastic day, but we made the most of it.

The highlights from this day was our Wawa subs (always get the honey-smoked turkey) and our Khor’s ice cream. Ps. I couldn’t see the phone when I took a picture of the sandwich.

The non-dairy option wasn’t exactly the same, but it totally did the trick and you obviously cannot go wrong with lots sprinkles.

Day Three

It may have taken 3 attempts, but our final beach day was almost perfect (besides me getting locked in a public restroom, cutting my finger, and needing to be rescued, but that’s a story for another day).

Day 3 was spent at Sandy Hook on an absolutely perfect weather day with Tom’s side of the family. The water was like being in a bath and the beach wasn’t crowded at all.

We just hung out and relaxed all day. It was wonderful.

Sorry this blog post was a bit boring. I really thought I had more content than this. Oh well, it will be better next time.



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