We’re like Pro Hatchet Throwers Now

We did something really fun and trendy recently.. we went to a hatchet throwing place! Back in July we celebrated our friend Chris’s 30th birthday at Bury the Hatchet. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of posts on social media of people throwing hatchets and drinking because so have I and this made me a little nervous about this outing, but let me tell you… it was awesome! We’re also a responsible group of people.. there are definitely some morons out there at these places.

The day starts with an informational and safety session. You then get 2 hours to throw hatchets and play games while you eat and drink what you brought. It’s BYOB which makes this place super affordable since it’s only $40 a person to play for 2 hours.

Your first few times up at the lane is to get used to throwing the hatchet and to develop your own style. Your hatchet master will help you with that.

Once everyone feels comfortable they teach you a few games to play. We played one with similar rules to corn hole and then another one where after you hit the target you roll dice to see if you gain or lose points.

We don’t want to tout our own hornes but we are actually pretty good at hatchet throwing. We may even join a league when we move.. just kidding, maybe.

After hatchet throwing we drove over to the Colts Neck Distillery for some birthday drinks.

They have a lot of delicious cocktails themed after movies and TV shows. I had the one million dollars (Austin Powers) which was watermelon and mint gin drink. Tom ordered a bourbon drink with pineapple and chillies and then one really gross drink themed after Rick and Morti. It tasted like grape…

After our drinks, we finished up with dinner at Chris’s favorite restaurant, Marina Grill. We eat there every year so we didn’t include it in this blog post, but you can read about it here.

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