Dear Astoria: Astoria Park

It’s time for another Dear Astoria post. This time we are writing a love letter to Astoria Park. We have mentioned the park in so many posts for so many activities and it has a very special place in our hearts.

Let’s start with the obvious. This park is where we got engaged. It will forever be in our memory for that reason alone. Tom took me to the water’s edge over looking the Triboro Bridge and popped the question. It’s a very beautiful romantic place.

The park is where we have had many picnics and many fun outings with friends. It’s an amazing place to hang out.

We love getting ice cream at the park. The perfect soft serve cone with sprinkles is served up at several trucks along the water.

The movies in the park over the summer are so much fun! They play all different kinds of movies, but mostly family friendly ones. Bring snacks or even have a picnic while you watch! We enjoyed lots of snacks and watched Bohemian Rhapsody recently!

We also love playing games in the park like paddle ball or corn hole. It’s even the perfect place to bring a book and read. It’s like having a huge backyard!

So go hang out in the park and go support the park! It’s one of the best places in Astoria!


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