Walt Disney World 2019 – Day 1 pt. 1

Day 1 in Disney World started with a super early flight, zero coffee, and arriving in Orlando before 8am! 

We took the magical express over to Pop Century from MCO which is free for people staying on Disney Property. 

Of course we had to capture our magic bands and a very sleepy selfie aboard the special bus. But geez do we look rough… 

Since, we did online check-in 2 weeks before our trip and we received a text that our room wasn’t ready yet. We headed over to Everything Pop for a proper breakfast and some Joffery’s coffee. 

I was craving something sweet with a touch of savory, so, of course, I opted for Mickey waffles with bacon. The malty fluffy waffles with syrup swimming pool ears really hit the spot. 

Tom on the other hand had a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel which he rather enjoyed even with a non-NY/NJ bagel. 

Finally, full of food and caffeine we decided to check out the resort. Pop Century is themed after the classic decades of the 20th century. It is made up of a 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 90’s section. 

It’s a value resort so it features larger than life props themed after each decade and there are of course little Disney touches throughout. 

Hot and sweaty from our walk we decided to change into our bathing suits and check out the bowling pool in the 50’s section. There are 3 pools in all. The hippy dippy in the 60’s and the computer pool in the 90’s as well. 

We relaxed in the lounge chairs and soaked up the hot Florida sun. It was a muggy day, perfect for a cool pool. 

Lunchtime finally arrived and our room still wasn’t ready. No big deal we didn’t have plans until much later so we went back to Everything Pop for lunch. 

Keeping with our tradition we had to get some burgers! Tom went classic cheese burger and I tried the beyond burger with avocado. 

For those of you who don’t know beyond meat is plant-based and they make it to order at Pop, so, I had to wait a little bit longer for it. I didn’t mind waiting, but the cast member gave me some sweet potato fries for my trouble. That’s a magical moment because those usually cost extra. 

Once lunch was complete it was time to check out the hippy dippy pool since that’s where petals the pool bar in located. 

 I had the Pina CoLava (Bacardi Black Razz Rum blended with Piña Colada Mix and Raspberry Purée) to remind me of our honeymoon in Hawaii. Tom ordered the Captain’s Mai Tai (Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Bols Amaretto, and Tropical Juices topped with a float of Myers’s Original Dark Rum). There’s nothing better than sitting by a pool cocktail in hand! 

It’s now 2:00 in the afternoon and we still don’t have a room. I’ll try to keep a long story short because this was probably one of our worst experiences dealing with issues in Disney World. 

We got on a long line at the front desk to ask about the status of our room. When we finally were next in a line a manager approached us with an iPad. We explained him that we did online check-in before arriving and we were just wondering when our room would be ready. He looked up our information and explained that no one alerted housekeeping that we were waiting for a room and that he would do that now. We were confused by this statement since we did online check-in and we received a text that they were aware of our arrival. He then informed us that we were scheduled to receive a handicap room and we needed to wait for one. Neither one of us requires a handicap room, so, we asked to have that changed. We felt it was important that it could be available for someone who needs it. He told us he could not change it on the iPad and he could help us no further. We were then asked to get off the line and wait for a text message. 

We figured standard check-in is at 3:00 and that was only 45 minutes away we could wait. Back to the pool we went. 

When 3:00 rolled around and we still had no room, we got back on the long line. Turns out the line was so long because a lot of people were having this problem. We did get a room in the 50’s section immediately after speaking someone at the desk, but the room was less than perfect. 

We did receive a handicap room, again no biggie, though we wish it was reserved for someone who needed it. The big issue with the room was the smell of mildew coming from the handicap chair in the shower. You could visibly see the soap scum on the chair. We, unfortunately, did nothing about this because we waited so long for the room that we needed to get ready for our dinner reservations. The smell did eventually go away or we just became nose blind to it. 

The rest of the room was great! The bed was super comfy and we loved the renovation that they did a couple of years ago. It’s a modern look with a POP (get it?) of Disney. 

Tune in Thursday for our pre-dinner drinks, our dinner at the Poly, and a very fun after-hours event! 


  1. Based on your experience with the in-app check-in, I am wondering if you would advise to not do that and just check-in at the hotel when we arrive? We were gonna do in-app to avoid lines and hopefully have a room. Now I’m unsure if that’s what we should do


    1. I still think online check-in is worth it because if it does work it’s great, but maybe go to the desk just to say you are there when you arrive. It’s a pain to have to do that, but it will probably save you a lot of time later.


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