Walt Disney World 2019 – Day 2 pt. 1

We slept in a little on our first morning waking up in Disney and by sleeping in we mean we were up no later than 7:30am (that’s being in your 30’s).

Hungry and ready to tackle our day we went down to Everything Pop in our bathing suits ready to grab breakfast to enjoy by the pool. We both opted for chocolate croissants and some Joffery’s coffee. My Disney tradition is always mix a little hot chocolate into my coffee, so I, of course, did that.

We laid by the pool for about an hour and then got ready to enjoy the rest of our day in Animal Kingdom.

Our first stop in Animal Kingdom was Satuli Canteen for lunch. We made sure to mobile order while walking over just in case it was busy. Mobile Ordering is definitely a pro tip to help you skip the long lines. You can also have 1 person pickup the food while the other grabs a table.

Satuli Canteen is the quick service location in Pandora. They serve up some tasty bowls with all the fixins. Tom order the Slow-Roasted Sliced Grilled Beef Bowl over noodles with their charred onion dressing. I had Chili-Spiced Crispy Fried Tofu Bowl over noodles as well with the same dressing.

The food is so fresh and flavorful here! It’s crazy that it’s quick service! The slaw on top of the bowl is light and crispy with the tart popping vinegar boba. This is definitely a most do on our list!

Full from all our tasty food we decided to do a little Pandora exploring. We caught a little show about the conservation efforts in Pandora and, of course, Tom played the drums! That’s now his Disney tradition.

After Pandora, it was time for some fastpasses! Our first fastpass was for Expedition Everest, but it went down shortly before we arrived, so, Disney supplied us with an anytime fastpass. We decided to use it for Kali River Rapids. A water ride was seriously needed because it was 90 degrees with 100% humidity.

Surprisingly, we didn’t end up too wet when we got off the ride. We noticed a storm was brewing and in order to remain dry, we decided to head over to Festival of the Lion King.

This retelling of the lion king with live actors, puppets, and acrobats is by far one of our favorite shows on Disney property. The singing is incredible and you get to sing along to all your favorites. It’s truly magical.

The show helped us to miss the rain and it was conveniently time for our next fastpass. We were off to the Safari!

I was a little worried that the animals would be inside or hiding after the storm, but this was actually the best time to ride. We almost saw all of the animals! I think this was my best experience on the Safari to date and I’ve been riding it since 1998. Pro tip: Go on after the rain if you can!

Once the Safari was over it was time for more food because we should title these blog posts what we ate in Disney World…

I had to get some popcorn because I cannot resist it! It smells so intoxicating! Tom tried one of the special Lion King snacks. It was a Simba ice cream sandwich and it was so good!

After we finished our snacks we got on the bus to… well… you’ll find out on Thursday! See ya then!


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