Walt Disney World 2019 – Day 3 pt. 1

It’s my birthday! Our 3rd day was the ultimate 31st birthday for me! We started our morning early with breakfast at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom.

Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite Disney movie since it first premiered in 1991 and being able to enter the beast castle was like a dream. I used to act out every part whenever I put the VHS on.

When you make a breakfast reservation in one of the parks before it opens you’re allowed in before everyone else. This makes for getting some really great pictures.

We wondered around Fantasyland for a few minutes enjoying the empty park before checking into our breakfast.

We mobile ordered our breakfast the night before so we simply checked in, paid, and received our rose which indicated which table we were at.

Once we were seated we went and got our coffee. Pro tip: when you mobile order they make you choose between a fountain beverage, bottled water, and a coffee. We picked water so we would have it for our day, but the coffee came with our meal! So definitely get the water because you’ll get coffee anyways.

After only a few minutes of waiting our food arrived. I ordered the Open-Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich, Poached Eggs, Applewood-smoked Bacon, and Brie on a Toasted Croissant served with Fresh Fruit. Tom had the Croque Madame, Open-faced Ham Sandwich topped with a Fried Egg, Gruyere Cheese, and BĂ©chamel served with Fresh Fruit and a selection of pastries. Both entrees actually came with the pastries even though mine did not say so.

So here are our thoughts. THIS WAS NOT WORTH $28 AN ENTREE… The food was fine. Did it blow us away? Definitely not, but it was a fine theme park breakfast. You’re basically paying for the experience and I’m really glad I got to see it, but definitely only do this if you are on the dining plan or go for lunch. If you want to get into the Magic Kingdom early for breakfast go to Crystal Palace. You meet the Winnie the Pooh characters and the food is good.

Next up? It was ride time! We started out with Space Mountain! Very little wait time so early in the morning only about 20 minutes! Checkout our killer ride photo that I was too cheap to pay…

We have a little bit of a crazy story regarding Space Mountain. There was an older man on line in front of us. He had 2 water bottles in his cargo shorts pockets. One was water and the other was definitely booze. He was annoying the other guests with his tips about the parks and you could smell the alcohol. How did he get in the park with it? Okay.. back to our day.

It was People Mover time after Space Mountain! It’s one of my favorite attractions in Disney and I will be devastated if they ever get rid of it like they did in Disneyland. It’s great for people watching, cool views, and construction updates. We got a little sneak peak of the new Tron Coaster!

Post People Mover I had to visit the Purple Wall. It got a little makeover since our last visit in 2017.

After that little photoshoot at my wall, we took a couple more over at the Castle on our way over to Frontierland for our Big Thunder and Splash Mountain fastpasses. Look at us we are having so much fun!

Big Thunder was so much fun, but who’s surprised by that. Not only is it one of the best rides on property, but it’s also the wildest ride in the wilderness!

Then we were on to Splash Mountain. We’re gonna give you a little before and after for Splash. The photo above is before and the photos below are after…

I have not gotten this wet on Splash since I was a kid. It must be because it was summer. They really up all that water!

Next, we took a little trip down memory lane and walked through the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. To help dry ourselves off a little.

It was finally lunchtime! Can you guess where we went? Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Cafe, of course! We love the fixins bar! There was no guacamole this time though and I was very upset about that… but lunch was still awesome!

Tom had 3 different types of tacos; pork, chicken, and beef. I ordered the veggie burrito bowl. This is theme park food, but definitely a bit more elevated than other quick service options. Both were lunches very tasty, but the best part of the meal was my birthday treat! The cast member that gave us our food gave me a free mickey hat cake! It was a spicy chocolate cinnamon delight. It was incredible! It made my day!

We watched Great Moments in History (but mostly the American parts) with the Muppets after lunch. We heard a rumor that this will be going away due to budget cuts. I really hope that isn’t true. This show is really cute and it’s so fun to see the Muppets in person.

It was finally time for our last fastpass at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This ride is so much fun and totally worth the wait. It’s a great family coaster.

We did a little shopping after the ride and I received another free treat for my birthday over at Storybook Circus. Two magical moments in one day! It was so wonderful! Who doesn’t love a Mickey shaped chocolate dipped shortbread cookie?!

Heading out of the park we caught a little bit of Move It , Shake It. I got to see the Three Caballeros in person and I freaked out a little bit. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

We also stopped in the Emporium for a bit more shopping because it’s my favorite gift shop!

Check back Thursday for my birthday beer, exploring a resort, birthday dinner, and a little Disney Springs. See ya soon!


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