Goodbye A little Early Astoria

We’re so sad to be writing this, but we have decided to end our lease a little early. Back in August only a couple of days after we decided to buy a house we had an insane incident in our apartment on 8/12. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw all my story updates as the craziness happened.

I stopped home to quickly drop off some laundry when I heard what sounded like a waterfall in our apartment. I ran to the bathroom where the power was no longer working because water was pouring down from the ceiling.

Tom was still at the laundry mat when I called him to rush home. He needed to be the one to contact our super because I always get the feeling he does not like dealing with women. Tom always has better luck with him.

Once Tom was home I ran back to get the rest of our laundry. Tom searched far and wide for our super and he was nowhere to be found. He was also not answering his phone. A little while later the super called him to say he was in Greece and would be unable to help us.

No one told us he would be in Greece and there was no one else to call except for the landlord. The man who lives above us also had water pouring into this apartment from the one above. He told Tom he was able to contact the landlord and that someone would be along to help all of us.

The water eventually stopped and the landlord arrived to remove the light from the ceiling. He informed us he would be back the next day to replace the light and inspect the damage. He also told us that the tenant that caused this incident is a problem. That he is crazy and has done stuff like this before. That made us very uncomfortable.

I worked from home the next day and the landlord did eventually arrive. He would barely speak to me and only put the old light back up. He did not inspect the damage and he left after about 10 minutes.

I let it go because I was busy working. Around 5:00 I decided to start deep cleaning the bathroom and while I cleaned I noticed a lot of our products were ruined and the medicine cabinet was basically falling apart.

When Tom got home from work I asked him to call the landlord about the medicine cabinet and to ask when someone would inspect the damage.

The landlord yelled at him and said to call back when it was dry. There was nothing he could or would do at this time.

The week went on and on Friday night I opened the medicine cabinet to find lots of mold and not just regular mold, but black mold as well.

Tom called the landlord again to tell him about the mold and the landlord yet again screamed at him like all of this was our fault. He made us feel like we were inconveniencing him and at one point he even told us to move out if we were unhappy.

So we are doing just that. We are moving out a few months ahead of our lease ending. We were lucky that we were able to find our dream house shortly after this incident.

A lot has happened since this incident and 2 months later we do have a new medicine cabinet, but no one has done anything about what could possibly be growing behind the walls. We can no longer live in a place where we feel uncomfortable. The landlord does not care about us and who’s to say that the crazy tenant won’t light his apartment on fire just for fun.

Don’t worry though… we still have lots of Astoria bucket list posts and Dear Astoria posts to share with you and we will back to visit a lot. We will always love Astoria!

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