Astoria Bucket List: Milkflower

Dinner at Milkflower has been on our list for sometime. We’ve had so many friends tell us you have to try it. We’ve seen in the Astoria sub-Redit people say you have to try it. So before moving away from Astoria we knew that we had to try it and we did just that.

Milkflower is a wood-fired pizza joint on 31st ave. It has a chic rustic vibe with fresh flavorful food that definitely can speak for itself.

We decided to stop here as part of a dinner and a movie date night so we kept our meal on the smaller side so I had room for popcorn and Cherry Coke. I can’t go to the movies without them.

We both started the meal with a local Rockaway Original ESB. This rich scotch like ale was so tasty and really helped to wash down the food!

Since, we were keeping the meal light we decided to share a salad and a pizza. For our salad we picked the Haricot Vert with oranges, ricotta salata, almonds, and a citrus dressing.

This was one of the best salads that we have ever had. The green beans had amazing crunch and the oranges were so bright and sweet. The acid of the dressing really helped to keep it all balanced. I’ve actually recreated the salad at home a couple of times since eating here.

For our pizza we ordered the Chardie Sheen with swiss chard, speck, shitake, garlic, and pecorino. The pizza was just as awesome as the salad. All pizza should feature a type of ham that is all!

So what’s our takeaway from eating at Milkflower? YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! You’ll be glad you did!

Oh and in case you were wondering… I did have enough room for the popcorn and Cherry Coke.


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