Dear Astoria: Our Apartment

Even though we had a lot of issues in the end it was super hard to say goodbye to our apartment. We lived there for 3 1/2 years and it was our first home together. It’s a one bedroom with a full kitchen and a good size living room! Friends have told us it’s considered an NYC Mansion minus any storage, but that’s typical. With all the space we had the rent was also super reasonable. We were very lucky to stumble upon this gem even with the issues we had in the end.

There were some tears on our last day and now that we have moved on we wanted one post dedicated to our former home. Here is your look at 23-52 33rd Street Apt. 2B in Astoria.

When decorating our apartment we went for I guess a modern farm house in the city look. That concept couples my former life growing up in the country and my new life here in the city. It’s made up of a lot of Ikea and Target. Some of the smaller pieces are from a store called Frazzleberries in my hometown of Warwick. We picked pieces we could afford at the time, but still wanted them to look as rich as possible. It was cozy and warm. We loved it oh so much.

Let us know if you’ve moved into our former place or if you know someone who lives there now. We would love to see how you decorated this adorable apartment! Thank you for all the wonderful memories Astoria! We started our life together here and we will forever be grateful for that.


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