Celebrating our Anniversary

We have been so crazy busy with our move lately that when it came time to plan our first wedding anniversary it was a no brainer. We wanted to just take a couple of hours to relax and enjoy a really nice dinner together. So where did we go? Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Somerville!

We were both really excited when we saw that Bobby Flay’s favorite steakhouse had a location in Somerville and our anniversary seemed like the perfect excuse to spend money there. It’s not cheap by the way…

We started our meal with our favorite affordable bottle of wine, Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon. It was $55 at the restaurant, but will run you $18-$30 at a liquor store and is really tasty.

They then served us a basket of bread. We knew our dinners would be huge and not wanting to fill up we only picked at it, but they have everything bagel crackers and those are super hard to resist.

Next, it was time to choose an appetizer and guess what… we passed. We wanted to focus more on the sides and if we had room later dessert!

Speaking of sides we went for the German potatoes in all their crispy oniony glory and the smoothest creamed spinach that almost had an earth green tea flavor. Obviously we loved both!

When it came to entrees Tom knew he had to get the filet and filet he got. Cooked perfectly medium rare this hunk of beef was tender and seasoned perfectly.

I, on-the-other-hand, had a harder time picking my dinner, but ultimately went for the veal chop milanese. This tasty breaded piece of meat was bigger than my head and I ended up getting 3 meals out of it. The light acidic dressing on the salad really cut through all the richness of the veal and it was just heavenly.

Hearing about our massive meal it must come at no surprise that we had zero room for dessert, but don’t you worry we will be back! We have plans to sit at the bar one night for cocktails, appetizers, and dessert. Talk about an awesome date night!

Cheers to 1 year of marriage! We are so excited for what this year will bring.

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