Hiking and Lunching in Forest Hills

Did you know you can kind of hike in NYC? Well you can! There’s a nature trail in Forest Park in Forest Hills, Queens. There are 2 different paths you can take and it’s the perfect way to get outside and be active! Sorry this post is super late… we did this hike months ago and with all our apartment drama and moving stuff it kind of got lost in the fray…

We took a little video of our journey and then got too busy to edit it. Sorry… these are crazy times.

We were starving after our hike so we headed into town for something eat. Forest Hills is super cute and has lots of food and shops for you to enjoy.

We picked the Station House for lunch because well you guessed it.. Craft Beer. They have a large selections of brews and ciders. Tom ordered a Singlecut and I went for a pineapple Cider because in that moment I was seriously missing Hawaii.

For lunch Tom had the massive fish and chips, tarragon tartar and malt vinegar. I had the garden burger, falafel patty, mesclun greens, tzatziki sauce, giardiniera, pita. I got it without the tzatziki because dairy and I don’t get along anymore. I only allow it as a treat and I have to pick and choose my battles.

Both of our lunches were very tasty! Tom’s fish was fried perfectly. The batter was light and crisp. The tarragon in the tartar sauce just gave it a little something extra that made it special. My veggie burger was a deep fried treat and I really enjoyed it on the pita.

I wish all weekends could be hiking, lunch, and a great drink. I think next spring and summer we will make a point to do it more. We’ve already started researching places to hike near our new home.

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