Dear Astoria: Vesta Trattoria

There are so many places we love in Astoria, but we have only one absolute favorite and that is Vesta Trattoria (or Vesta Vino as we call it).

Vesta is our place to celebrate! It’s where we celebrated getting engaged and buying our first home together.

This rustic yet modern little Italian Restaurant serves up killer grub while lightly playing some cool tunes and pouring wine on tap.

If they have the meatballs or the beef tartar on the menu you can absolutely garuntee we will be ordering them.

There pizza is paper thin with tasty toppings that will sure to leave you craving more. We almost always order a pasta dish too because well they’re always good and always the perfect amount of food.

PSA: Always get the meatballs. We’re saying it again because they literally melt in your mouth they are that good. Vesta never take them off the menu!

We’re trying a new shorter format for blog posts that we will also be sharing directly to Instagram and Facebook. Let us know your thoughts and have you been to Vesta? What’s your favorite thing to order there?

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