Date Night at The Landing

We usually get home from work pretty late so Friday nights are usually reserved for pizza, wine, and Netflix, but we wanted last night to be a little different.

We got off the train at 7 and drove over to The Landing in Hillsborough.

We decided to just share a few appetizers and each other’s company without talking about work (though some topics of work may have slipped in).

We shared the chorizo and feta poutine with some very tasty gravy, the IPA pub pickles (fried pickles are always a weakness of mine), and the brats in a blanket (these may have been my fav).

All the food was great and we definitely recommend everything we had.
Everything was washed down with some local brews from Flounder Brewing.

This place is very homey and has an upscale pub feel that we love! We’re excited to go back and try mains next time.

PS. For all our Astoria peeps the fried pickles we’re very much like The Bonnie’s. The only difference was how they are cut. Definitely get those pickles if you’ve never had them!

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