2019 Philly Day Trip Part 1

Back in early December we finally went back to Philly!

We had to start our trip Yards Brewing for 2 Revolutionary Flights (Washington’s Porter, Jefferson’s Golden Ale, Poor Richard’s Spruce Ale, and Love Stout). We’re not sure if anything changes in their brewing process over the last 5 years, but the Spruce Ale is no longer our fav and we were all about Jefferson’s Golden Ale. It was perfection in a glass! Everything you want in a smooth drinkable beer with a lot of flavor.

We used our flights to wash down some tasty food. The Yards IPA Pretzel, the killer sesame broccoli (this is a must-order), and the pork belly bao buns (we didn’t love these. The meat was so chewy). We then went on their tour because we had to see the new brewery in its full capacity! We learned about their automation process while touring. As tech and beer people, we found it very interesting.

We still think this is the best brewery tour around. It’s not free but it’s cheap and you get a tasting, a full beer, and a souvenir! You can’t beat it. We love Yards so much!

We’ll post about part 2 soon!


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