Date Night: Somerville, Salted Lime

Quick little date night shout out post! And that shout put goes to Salted Lime! It’s the perfect place for an affordable delicious date night.We went a little while ago for tacos and just a nice time out together.

Tom ordered their special Hawaiian Pizza Tacos and they were killer! The tanginess of the pineapple really helped to cut through the richness of fried cheese and ham. It’s a real winner so definitely get it if they bring it back.

I had the brussel sprout tacos with fried brussel sprouts, sweet potato, guava honey mustard, and chili lime salt. I want to put that guava honey mustard on EVERYTHING! It went so well with the sprouts.

We order rice and salad for our sides and it was the perfect amount of food. Don’t forget to wash it all down with margaritas. That’s totally a must! This is a can’t miss date night spot.


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