Supporting Local: Kyma Greek and Nirvanis Indian Kitchen

While we’re stuck isolating we’re going to be pick a local restaurant to support on Friday nights! Usually we get home too late from work to go out on a Friday so this is a perfect way to try new places and help local businesses in the process.

Our first restaurant is Kyma Greek in Somerville! When we moved to the area we were so excited to have a Greek restaurant near by. Coming from Astoria we were so lucky to be in a place rich in Greek history and really good Greek food!Typically on a Friday you would find us getting food from the Souvlaki Lady, Duzan Grill, or King of Falafel. We loved a good platter with meat, salad, sauces, and sides. Well a few Fridays ago we got to have a little bit of Astoria in NJ!

We both ordered the street food platter from Kyma with gyro meat. It did not disappoint! We felt like we were back in Queens and every bite was delicious. I seriously want to swim in their tzatziki!
We seriously cannot wait to go back for dinner to relive places like Telly’s Taverna¬† and Agnanti. Thank you Kyma for making our new home extra special!

This supporting local Friday also carried into Saturday with some delivery from Nirvanis Indian Kitchen in New Brunswick. I had a serious craving for Indian food and this really hit the spot. This little baby growing inside of me really loves food with spice. Doesn’t have to be spicy, but it needs flavor.

We ordered a few things to share like Dosa, a Kati Roll, and Samosa Chaat. Everything was really tasty!

What are some of your favorite local places to get takeout from?

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