Support Local Fridays: Destination Dogs

We are so behind posting actual blog posts that you’re going to get a few this week. If you follow us on instagram then you’ve seen these already and you also know why we are behind… more on that to come. Now on to supporting an awesome local restaurant!

Destination Dogs is a super cool hot dog place in New Brunswick, but they aren’t just serving up any old hot dogs.

These dogs and sausages are topped with tasty ingredients from around the world.

Tom’s been going for years and has made friends with some people that work there and when the time came to help support this awesome place we had to do it. He also made me fall in love with it!

I ordered the Elotes Real, chorizo topped with grilled corn, crema, queso fresco, Chile powder, cilantro, and lime. I’m a little bit crazy for the Trader Joes Everything but the Elote seasoning so it’s no surprise I got this.

Tom had the Waco Kid, all beef hot dog topped with chili, cheese sauce, Fritos, pickled jalapenos, and scallions. Hold the sour cream on this order.

We also got fries because they make really good crispy fries! Always ask for a side of the chipotle mayo for dipping.

We love you D-Dogs! Hang in there!

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