Supporting Local: Lombardi Pizza Co.

Pizza on a Friday night, it’s the Cocho way of life… especially with a glass of wine, but that will have to be on hold for a few more months.

We’ve tried a lot of good pizza since moving here and we will eventually share a massive post on that, but we’ve struggled to find Neapolitan pizza and we got really lucky with Lombardi Pizza Co. being so close by.

We ordered the Piper (for a classic taste) and the Zoe (for something a little more funky).

The Piper has tomato sauce, fresh Mozzarella, dry aged pepperoni, parm, basil.

The Zoe has fresh mozzarella, sun-dried cherries, Parmesan, finished with prosciutto and chili infused honey.

The flavors on these pies were insanely good and though the pizzas didn’t travel well (cold and a bit soggy) they were still really tasty! Something tells us that if we ate these pies fresh they would have blown us away.

We vow to go to Lombardi Pizza Co. once things are a bit more normal and try the true experience in the restaurant because we think it will be really great!

We washed our pizza down with some after dinner drinks. Tom crafted a margarita for himself with some Jalapeno Limeade from the Bridgewater Trader Joes. He mixed mine with a little club soda for a refreshing pregnancy friendly drink.

We’re getting used to this staying home thing. Friday nights should always be this tasty and relaxing.

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