A February Day in Astoria

As you can see we are really catching up on some blogging given this is a post about February, but I think it’s nice to look back a simpler time when we could go out and do things. We hope you enjoy living a little bit through us as you read this from your living room. I know I’ve been enjoying a lot of similar blog content and day-dreaming about getting out again.

On Valentine’s Day we had a doctor’s appointment for the baby so we took the day off from work. Back then our little nugget wasn’t too far along about 3 months, but we thought it safe to tell the world we were expecting.

Knowing she was healthy (we didn’t know she was a she yet) we embarked on Astoria to celebrate Valentine’s day.

We started out our trip at Astoria Bier and Cheese on Ditmars and did all we could to avoid running into our old crazy super (he wasn’t a bad guy just a little crazy).

Cheese is one of the foods women should avoid when pregnant, but try telling that to a cheese addict. Beer is also something you can’t have, but there is little solution for that except watching your husband drink it. When we arrived at one of our favorite Astoria shops I simply asked the cheese monger if he would prepare the meat and cheese plate with all cheese safe for pregnancy. Not only did he deliver on that, but he explained to me what was safe and why. You can pretty much eat any type of cheese as long as it has be pasteurized and most if not all American made cheese have been.

After consuming some of the best cheese (soft stinky ones included in that) and purchasing a few to take home. We spent a little bit of the freezing cold afternoon just walking around our old neighborhood. We stopped in a few shops a long the way too like Hi-Fi Records and The Brass Owl. Both of which you should support the second we are allowed back out in the world to shop.

This was our home cheese.

Once we were too cold to walk around anymore we went to see if they would take us a little early for our reservation at Christos Steak House. They said yes and we were warm and seated within minutes.

This was our second valentine’s day at Christos so we already knew what to order. The best deal on the menu that they have all the time is the surf and turf for two. It is a 10-ounce filet mignon, and a two-pound lobster (steamed or broiled). Served with two salads and a selection of two side dishes for $130.

We always get the lobster steamed and dip it in the perfectly salty butter. The filet should always be medium rare and they always deliver on that. Everything was cooked to perfection. The lobster and steak literally melt in your mouth.

For our salads we selected Horiatiki (a classic Greek Salad in a red wine vinaigrette) and my personal favorite Prasini (crispy Romaine lettuce with dill, scallions and topped with feta cheese and green olives). Both are amazing, but that Prasini is just so special.

Now on to the sides! We had to do a carb and a veg so we picked always tasty creamed spinach and the creamy garlic mashed potatoes. There’s just something about creamed spinach at a steak house. It’s always so good and a must order for me. You also cannot go wrong with mashed potatoes especially if there’s roasted garlic in them.

Christos is simply wonderful. The staff is friendly and the service is always good at least for us. We really enjoy the food and we think it’s a wonderful location to celebrate a special occasion. We missed you Astoria and we will be back once it is safe to do so which we hope is really soon.

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