Vermont: Middlebury and the Swift House Inn

We know, we know… we do the same Vermont trip every year (2018, 2019 day 1, 2019 day 2, 2019 day 3) with some slight variations. What can I say? My family and I are creatures of habit. We love traditions. They give us something to look forward to. So this year, since, we couldn’t go skiing and we were only a few days from the pandemic lockdown we decided to do 2 post highlighting certain parts of our trip. Post 1 is dedicated to the town and inn where we stay.

Middlebury, Vermont

We love this adorable little college town in Vermont. It’s pretty quiet town with fun shops and a few really tasty restaurants. It’s the perfect place to escape the craziness of your every day life and just enjoy being with family and getting some time outdoors.

You can go skiing at the college snow bowl or in the warmer weather enjoy a bunch of different hikes. We will be highlighting food in the next post, but we definitely recommend places that we didn’t visit this year like Noonie’s for sandwiches or American Flatbread for killer pizza.

We definitely think when things are back to normal you should check out Middlebury for your own long weekend.

The Swift House Inn

Swift House is a full service inn in the heart of Middlebury. They have 3 houses in which you can choose to stay. We’ve stayed in the main house and the gate house in our 3 times there. Both locations are beautifully kept and are super cozy.

Over the last 3 years my family has become very friendly with the owners and the staff. It feels like we are visiting old friends every time we go back. They are just so lovely.

They offer free tea, coffee, and amazing cookies each day. They have a small library of books you can choose from as well as some board games to play.

You get free breakfast at Jessica’s each morning and everything is fresh and made to order, but more on that in our next post.

They also offer a number of really great packages year round, but our favorite is the foodie package. It includes dinner at Jessica’s and an incredible cheese plate upon arrival with their signature granola. It’s a fantastic deal.

We honestly feel this inn is the perfect location to just relax. We enjoy time just watching TV in our room or sitting in one of the many common areas. Tom and my dad love the bar and the bartender. They have so much fun enjoying a scotch or a bourbon. It’s the ultimate place for a long weekend away.

We will for sure be back next year to Avery to Vermont for the very first time and we cannot wait. PS. they are now back open with all safety measures in place so please go help out this lovely business and enjoy some time away.


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