Supporting Local: Tom’s Birthday

Tom celebrated his 31st birthday back in April while we were all stuck quarantining, so, we celebrated the only way we truly know how.. by getting a lot of different takeout!

We did start the day with a homemade breakfast of Eggo Waffles with banana and bacon. I didn’t forget to make the birthday bacon!

We started our journey of supporting local for Tom’s birthday with cupcakes from Blue Sheep Bake Shop in Somerville. I’m a bit of a cupcake snob and while these were no Sprinkles cupcakes they are a perfect sweet treat only a 5 minute drive away. If I’m being honest no one can live up to Sprinkles Cupcakes so Blue Sheep you rock and we will be be back!

I ordered him a variety pack and our favorites were Oreo and Peanut Butter Cup. That’s why there’s no picture of them, we ate them really quickly. Also the funfetti just looks so pretty in a picture.

For dinner Tom requested BBQ so we figured this was the perfect opportunity to try out Grub Hut in Manville which was recommended by our friend Jon.

We shared a platter of fries, Brussel sprouts, hot links (my new favorite thing and a must order), brisket, and pulled pork. The BBQ was very tasty. It was tender and smokey, everything you could ask for in some local BBQ. Those hot links though.. GET THEM! We also got their chips and salsa which were incredible! The salsa is so fresh and flavorful. It will be something we order all the time.

A few days later we continued our celebration with some takeout from Verve. It was a very nice birthday present from Tom’s sister (that I also got to enjoy). For my dinner I selected the flavorsome grilled mahi-mahi topped with a mango salsa with a side of couscous and roasted veggies. This tropical dish took me back to our honeymoon in Hawaii where I basically ate seafood the whole time.

Tom ordered the duo of duck confit and short rib with sweet potato gnocchi, Brussel sprouts, and a blueberry demi glace. Obviously nothing too rich and fancy for the birthday boy… This dish was a sweet and savory combo. A real birthday treat.

Dinner also came with dessert! A happy coincidence for this pregnant woman who cannot get enough sweets! It was a delectable croissant bread pudding with a berry sauce that I topped with some vanilla ice cream we had in the freezer. We scarfed that down while watching Downhill starring Will Ferrel (we do not recommend, but Verve we so recommend).

Finally, Tom ended his birthday with a zoom I planned with our friends and a glass from scotch that I purchased for him. I hope he enjoyed the day even if it wasn’t what could have been planned. As you can see from the recent picture above he has at least been enjoying that scotch.

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