We found a Soup Dumpling place near us

As we mentioned so many times before we were so lucky to have lived in Queens. It’s a time in our lives we we would trade for nothing. We were able to experience so many different cultures with a simple bite of food and we loved every minute of it. When leaving New York we thought soup dumplings and really incredible Chinese food were going to be the food we missed the most that is until we found a place in Edison!

Shanghai Dumpling House is located on Route 27 in Edison. This popular soup dumpling spot is super tiny and serves up all of our favorites! Obviously, the first thing we ordered were juicy pork soup dumplings. These came out piping hot with a side of black vinegar and ginger. They hit the spot right away.

Next on our list, were of course, rice cakes with chicken and greens. These chewy rice cakes hit all the bells and whistles when it comes to texture with the chicken and greens adding a nice flavor.

We finished our meal with an order of crispy bottom pork buns. The meat inside is so tender and seasoned perfectly with soy sauce, ginger, and scallion. We always struggle to eat these with chop sticks because they’re so big!

This meal is always a carbo overload worthy of a cold winters night. We recommend getting there on the earlier side or you will for sure be waiting. (PS. we went here back in February before everything shut down.)


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