Support Local: Chimney Rock Inn

It’s another support local post and we’re here for it! Chimney Rock Inn is located in Bound Brook and they are serving up bar pies and other bar food alike.

Our fist takeout night from here was of course a bar pie with a salad (gotta get those greens in for the baby). We selected The Artisan which was created by their founder. It’s a tomato based pie with a handcrafted crust topped with an incredible blend of grana padano and mozzarella cheeses with some basil. We also got half of ours with pepperoni.

My love for this crust runs deep. Besides being chewy and crisp there is just something really unique about it and it’s so enjoyable. We highly recommend trying it.

Since, we’ve been doing our support local posts for months now it’s no surprise we hit up Chimney Rock twice. The second we decided to share some of their signature appetizers and they delivered (actually we picked it up, but you know what I mean). It was a very healthy meal of pierogis, ribs, and loaded tater tots…

The pierogis are sautéed in butter and smothered in onions and paprika. They are like little clouds of butter potato heaven.

Next up, are the super tender house smoked tack of ribs. You get 5 in an appetizer order and they are covered in an incredibly sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. 2 out 2 Shannon and Tom’s recommend!

Lastly, we ordered the queso blanco tater tots. These are like nachos with tater tots instead of chips so seriously what is not to love here. They are topped with queso, guac, pico, jalapeños, cilantro, and a poblano sauce.

When it comes to places like Chimney Rock with huge menus one could imagine that they can’t possible do everything right. You would go to this place for one specific thing and skip the rest… well that is simply NOT the case here. They really crush everything they do making it impossible to make a choice when looking at that menu.

UPDATE (7/21/20): We recently ordered their epic pizza! It’s massive and tasty and perfect for entertaining. We held a small covid safe 60th birthday party for my mom and the the family that attended loved the pizza!

It’s 28 inches and you can see my cosuin’s gluten free personal pizza in the picture for scale. We could barely get it through the door! The slices were so big they didn’t fit on the paper plates!


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