Our Living Room

Welcome to the first look inside our Bridgewater home! Today we’re sharing what used to be my favorite room in our house, our living room (the baby’s room is now my favorite).

When creating this space we wanted a room that was both functional, practical, and stylish. Our house is small and this room is truly the heart of our home. It is where we spend the most time.

There are a few pieces of furniture in here that came with us from Astoria like our amazing Ikea couch that has storage, a pull out bed, and never shows stains. You’ll find a few other odds and ends from our Queens place in here as well.

There are also new pieces from World Market, Home Goods, and Target. You can have a home that looks rich without breaking the bank. All of these stores have high quality affordable pieces if you are just willing to wait and spend a little extra time looking. I will link to some similar pieces below.

The best part of this room are the pieces of furniture built by my Dad and my Uncle Tim. They are one of kind pieces made just for us. My dad built our awesome bar cabinet full of storage and our entry way bench. The bench really helps to make that tiny nook of the house feel like a little room. My uncle made us our table for our wedding. It acts as both an end table and a desk when needed. We put an Ikea stool underneath it for extra seating.

We love our little house. It’s so cozy and this is just the beginning. We have plans to put an addition on in a couple of years. Be on the look out for other home posts soon.

Favorite items from this post:

If you’re interested in any other pieces from the room just reach out. Happy to send you a link.

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