Support Local: Pho Today

As I am writing this I am 9 months pregnant and it is far too hot for soup. We got takeout from Pho Today months ago, but it is still worth mentioning to all of you. Once the weather is chilly again Tom will get sick of me asking for Pho all the time.

I keep it simple with my pho always going with thinly sliced steak and the tradition incredible broth. It warms the soul and makes you feel so much better on a rough day. The combo of spicy sriracha and the warm hoisin sauce are just delightful as you slurp your noodles and beef.

Tom also opted out of soup this time around and ordered the rice vermicelli with grilled pork. The flavor profile features a sweet/salty sauce. We both love the umami flavor you get from the fish sauce and this cold dish is great pho alternative in the summer. This dish also comes with one of their killer spring rolls!

I’ll keep this post short and finish with.. this has been one hot pregnant summer. I cannot wait for the fall and pho weather!


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