A Summer in Quarantine

We’re always sharing what we are up to, but it’s been super weird since we’ve basically been stuck doing nothing. There haven’t been too many interesting things to share and we hope that changes soon, so, in the meantime, here is what we have truly been up to. Our summer in photos…

We did a little gardening and found out Tom is much better at it than me.

I took some pregnant mirror selfies in our messy room.

We made some awesome purchases like this amazing air conditioner and a family car! Oh and a grill!

Tom found a new way to combat the flies that kept getting into the house.

We ate a lot of food as you already know and we also cooked a lot of food.

We went to the beach a few times and got Dole Whip!

We bought some stylish masks from Old Navy to compliment our outfits.

We prepared for baby Avery to get here.

I upped my Instagram game with these really pretty pictures. Well I think they are really pretty.

We also just enjoyed the simpler things in life like getting up early to have our coffee on the back deck.

And that has pretty much been it! We’ve spent a lot of time at home. We’ve socially distanced with our families and just enjoyed these last few months of being a family of 2. We’ll have some new posts coming soon with actual date nights out and maybe a few other things before Avery comes. Do you have an new adventure ideas for us for when we are a family of 3?


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