Back out in the World

When outdoor dining came back into all our lives Tom and I wanted to wait a week or two to see how it was being handled. After seeing posts online and doing our own research we decided it was time to get back out into the world. For our first two attempts we picked restaurants from one of our favorite restaurant groups Mark Daniel’s Hospitality.

Uproot in Warren

Since we are such lovers of INC and Salted Lime we had been dying to try Uproot in Warren. We made a reservation and enjoyed socially distanced outdoor dining on their first week back open. The menu was limited as to be expected, but the staff worked hard to keep your experience amazing.

Here’s what we ordered:

Tom got a Founders All Day IPA the beer of our relationship because we drank it on our first date.

We then shared the very tasty chips and guac. It was cold and fresh the perfect outdoor summer snack. We loved it!

They unfortunately, ran out of a lot of stuff on the already limited menu so I had the chicken Caesar salad for my dinner. It didn’t blow me away, but they had just reopened so it was fine for what it was. Tom and I want to go back again when things are a bit more normal to give them another chance.

Tom had their fried chicken sandwich and it was the size of his head! It was covered in cheese and pickles so what is not to love there. This was really good and he would definitely order it again, but we are excited to try new things when they have their full menu again.

INC in New Brunswick

We go out to eat a lot. We love a lot of restaurants, but to say INC is one of our favorites would be an understatement. We waited and waited for them to reopen and when they finally did we got a reservation for the following week.

They did a good job with keeping things clean and socially distant. The staff just like Uproot were friendly and worked hard to keep your experience as normal as possible.

When we go to INC we usually share a bunch of small plates, but this time around we opted to do salads and then each get our own small plate on top of that.

Here’s what we ordered:

I started with the red leaf lettuce and baby arugula salad, toasted almonds, grana padano, frisee, black pepper-lemon dressing. This was incredibly light on a hot summer night, but still packed a lot of flavor.

Tom had the beet and burrata salad (I was jealous no burrata for the pregnant lady), frisee, pistachio, pickled beets, olive oil, strawberries, lemon, radish. Again, this was so light and flavorful on a hot summer night. He highly recommends getting it while you can since they are constantly updating their menu.

For my small plate I ordered one of my all time favorite things that they have… Pimento Cheese Dip! It comes with crostini, spicy dill pickles, pimento cheese, pepper jelly, and health Salad. I also added on the Bob Woods 18+Month aged country ham for an additional $7. This used to come with this dish so I was a little disappointed it became an up-charge, but we all need to do our part to support these businesses and it was so worth the $7. This dish is the perfect combo of all favor profiles, sweet, salty, tangy. It’s just incredible!

Tom got the organic coffee rubbed buffalo wings, 8 pc. Free Bird chicken, vanilla, bourbon, celery sticks, bleu cheese dressing. All these flavors come together to form the perfect chicken wing. You honestly don’t even need the dressing it just takes away from the sweet heat.

We also shared a side of fries. They just have really solid french fries! Tom also ordered a cocktail. It was something with bourbon I’m sure and it was really good I’m sure, but I forgot to document it.

Obviously everyone must do what they feel comfortable with during this time, but we had a great and safe experience at both of these restaurants so we recommend heading back there once you feel it’s right for you.


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