The Baby’s Room

I have been so excited to share Avery’s room with everyone! It took us months to slowly put it together and it is finally done!

Our house is super tiny so we wanted her room to feel like an extension of the house and not like a little kids room while still having an effortless adorableness of a baby’s room.

We didn’t have a theme for the room we just went with colors which are pale pink, sage green, white, and gray. This keeps the room simple and she can easily grow into a lot of the stuff we purchased. We’ll also be able to reuse a lot of the furniture if she ever gets a sibling out of us. She most likely will.

The furniture is from Ikea, Target, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and Overstock. Since, the room is so tiny we wanted to be super clever with our storage so you will find really cute bins and an ottoman bench that we can sit on and store toys.

Next up, you will see bunnies not just regular bunnies, but my favorite Disney bunny Thumper! This little Disney character has always been super special to me. My grandparents bought me that very old looking Thumper on my first trip to Disney World. He went through life with me and now he will watch over Avery.

The art in the room also has little nods to Disney with a Toy Story themed print and a quote from Winnie the Pooh. Tom bought me the Winnie the Pooh sign on our second Valentine’s Day. And, of course, you can’t miss that poop sign I made. I’m a classy lady who loves potty humor.

We do have one slightly messy corner where we are storing the pack’N’play and some extra clothes under her Ikea armoire. It’s still pretty organized!

We love just sitting in the room now and we cannot wait to sit in it with her in our arms. By the time you are reading this she’s probably already here. If you want us to link to anything specific in the room leave us a comment below or reach out via Instagram.

We also want to thank our friends and family for sending all of these wonderful gifts to us. We are truly blessed and you have already made Avery one lucky girl!


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