Support Local: Instagram Posts

We did a couple of one off Instagram posts featuring some local business and yummy food. We didn’t want to end our series without featuring them on the blog too! Below you will find those posts and exactly how I posted them.

Lobster Alley

A super hot Friday night calls for one of our favorites, a lobster roll. So happy @bridgewaterlifestyle posted about @lobsteralley. They’re only a 10 minute drive away, no need to go down the shore. This little popup has really delicious lobster rolls for $19! That’s a steal! Oh and they come with pickles and chips! We can’t wait to order again

Manville Pastry Shop

It’s Monday 😫 so here’s yummy random pictures of donuts from this weekend. @manvillepastryshoppe makes amazing donuts if you did not know. Trust me, I come from a long line of crazy donut loving people. Also, that maple chocolate donut might be my new fav. Must try again to be sure.

Russo’s Pizza

Finding motivation to blog at this stage in pregnancy is really hard so here’s a quick supporting local for you! We love the sicilian pizza from Russo’s. It’s just really solid and a cheap dinner when you can’t be bothered cooking. It always comes out piping hot so the cheese is extra melty and delicious.

Friday night takeout at its finest! @salted_lime_restaurant never disappoints 😍

Watermelon Bowl 🍉
Lulo Wings 🍗
Colombian Fries 🍟


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