Date Night before Baby: Origin Thai

On a random Wednesday night we thought to ourselves how many more date nights do we have before Avery will be born… and that’s all it took. We wrapped up work and drove over to Origin Thai in Somerville.

When I first heard about this French Thai fusion restaurant it went on the top of my list, but we got busy and quarantine happened. We easily could have ordered takeout from here, but I really wanted to wait to experience it in person plus it came highly recommended by my cousin Chris and his wife. I knew it would be worth the wait.

Let’s dive right into our dinner. At the time soft shell crab was in season and they had several specials featuring this tasty delight. We opted for the appetizer to share called Yum Poo Nim. It was a fried soft shell crab topped with green mango, ginger, tomato, orange, cashews, in a Thai dressing. Even though the crab was fried this was a really light way to start the meal. It was very cold and refreshing on yet another hot summer night.

I always judge a Thai place by it’s Pad Thai. I know I know it’s such a basic non-foodie thing to order, but I LOVE it! If a place has good Pad Thai than it is worthy of me getting something else next time and this place did not disappoint. The shrimp was cooked perfectly and the sweet tangy sauce was very balanced. It’s definitely worthy and this is a good Thai restaurant.

Tom ordered one of the entrees Gra Praw. It was a sauteed dish with Thai basil chili peppers and string beans. With your choice of chicken, beef or shrimp. He opted for chicken. He said it wasn’t overly spicy and every time he had a bite of basil it reminded him of picking some from our garden which leads me to believe this was a very fresh and flavorful dish.

And… that was it. It was a very quick random Wednesday date night and it felt really good to just got out and enjoy being together.


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