Date Night before Baby: AMA Pizza

I’m just going to dive right into this post because pregnancy is making all of this hard for me. AMA Pizza is one the BEST restaurant experiences we have ever had. From the staff to the food this place was incredible!

Let’s start with the atmosphere. Obviously, we dined outside as per the rules during this time and we sat out on the cutest most romantic patio ever. They had live music and twinkle lights with lots of greens all around. It was simply perfect.

They first bring fresh bread and olive oil to the table. The bread was really good with a nice hint of salt and the high quality olive oil really took it over the top. I love when simple things taste so good.

We started our meal with one of their special salads. It was a local tomato salad with celery, red onion, basil, and oregano inside what felt like a little bowl of pizza dough. It was out of this world and I’ve always been taught that the best tomatoes are Jersey tomatoes and with this salad it is so so true! The salad was also huge and great for sharing. I honestly think 4 people could have enjoyed 1 with lots of other food.

We then decided to share a pizza and a pasta to get the full scope of the menu. Plus everything sounded so tasty it was the only way to try more.

For our pizza we ordered the Bufala. This pizza was so simple and absolutely incredible. It’s just san marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil. This must be what pizza in Italy truly tastes like ( we don’t know, we’ve never been, don’t @ us). This is a bold statement, but it’s the best pizza we have ever had. I think about it all the time and cannot wait to get it again.

For our pasta we ordered pappardelle broccoli rabe e salsiccia, broccoli rabe, sweet Italian sausage, chili flakes. Again this dish was so light and so fresh. The simple flavors blew us away. The sweet sausage complimented the light buttery sauce and broccoli so well. The chili provided a nice heat that cut through some of the sausages richness.

We skipped dessert because we didn’t want to over do it, but even with all those carbs we didn’t feel overly full. We left feeling so wonderfully satisfied and planning our next trip back. This is one of our new favorite places for sure. I don’t even think I did this place justice with this blog post. IT IS AMAZING!


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