Lake George – 2016

Back in Lake George for another adventure upstate! This is truly one of the best places to visit for both activity and relaxation.

My parents booked the same carriage house as the year before for all of us to stay in. We arrived on Sunday afternoon after a long journey. A journey with a much needed stop at Taco Bell. Once we were unpacked, we went down to the lake to sit and enjoy some drinkie-poohs! Craft beer for me, Tom, and my Dad, a hard seltzer for my mom.


Dinner that evening was at my favorite pizza place in the area, Cate’s! We highly recommend this place! Afterwards, we walked around Bolton Landing to pop in and out of some stores.

While out shopping my mom picked up a game for us to play as a family… Cards Against Humanity. Tom and I protested, but she won in the end. It was an equal mixture of both awkwardness and hilarity.LG16-01

The following day, we woke and enjoyed a small breakfast in the lodge. We decided to go to Oscar’s Smokehouse to get some meat to grill that evening. Oscar’s is has some of the most delicious products in the world! Just ask Rachel Ray! They sell the best cheddar cheese you will ever have in your entire life. The bacon is equally as amazing. Everything about this place reminds me of my Nanny (my Dad’s mom). When I was little she would make us Oscar’s bacon every morning while we were in Lake George. Just being in Lake George reminds me of her and my Poppy. It’s so special to me.

My parents

Back at Chelka Lodge, we headed down to the lake. Tom and I played a small game of basketball to warm up. Then, hopped on the paddle boards. For dinner, my mom grilled an incredible London broil from Oscars. Did we mention how much we like Oscar’s?

Tom and I

For a post dinner activity, we headed to the outlets. After, over to the Sagamore to pretend we are fancy while we consumed some more drinkie-poohs.




We rose very early the next day for a big breakfast and long hike up Cat Mountain. The distance is about 7.1 miles with an elevation of 1801 feet. The length of the hike is worth the spectacular views at the top of the mountain. You also feel so accomplished when finally reaching your destination.


More lake sports, lunch, and relaxing were savored back at the lodge. Afterwards, we got cleaned up to head into Lake George Village. There we stopped into the Adirondack Winery for some tastings. This is still a very young winery, but we really enjoyed the experience.  We finished our evening at the arcade (a tradition of ours) and ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s.



We went to one of my Poppy’s favorite places on the last day of our trip; the Adirondack Museum.  This experience is meant to educate visitors about the rich history and bright future of the Adirondacks. It truly is a wonderful place.


We had to spend one more afternoon at the lake before heading to dinner. More paddle boarding and Kayaking along with some light reading.



The Algonquin will always be our favorite place to eat in Lake George, so it was only fitting that it was our last meal of the trip. My must have here is the clam chowder! To me and my dad it is the best ever!


One last stop at the Sagamore for drinkie-poohs is a must! So, we got fancy again and sat by the fire-pit while we enjoyed our drinks. My final request was to walk around the property before heading back to sleep.


The next day, Tom and I went home. My brother joined my parents soon after for the last leg of the trip. I hope we go back next year.



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