South Florida 2017 – Day 2

Waking up on day two, we were all about football! This trip was planned around going to Hard Rock Stadium to see the Broncos play the Dolphins.

Tom’s best friend Jon is a Dolphins fan and if you follow us on social media you know Tom is a Broncos fan. This was the perfect opportunity for them to see their teams play each other live and to make bets neither one of them would ever carry out. For example, wearing the other teams jersey and a tu-tu at a bar.

We had a quick breakfast at Starbucks again opting for bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches with our iced coffee. The protein would help to keep us full a little longer even though that pain au chocolat was seriously calling my name again. We then met up with our friends (adding Danielle to the group) and hopped in the car and we were off.


Our first stop of the day was… PUBLIX! I’ve been a little obsessed with this food store because of thetimtracker, so naturally I was very excited to go inside. My friends thought I was a little nuts, but this place has a cult following…if they only knew! We just went in to pick up some beer to tailgate, but I wanted to try all the things Tim and Jen have mentioned. Tom and I picked out some SweetWater for our tailgate. They make some really drinkable IPAs, perfect for a football game. Just a little tip from us when picking out a sports game brew… go drinkable IPA!



After a bit of a drive, we arrived at the stadium. The boys were so excited. It was cute, I mean very manly. We parked and did a little tailgating and selfie taking.


Tom and I had to snap a pic of our Broncos gear. This was our first ever Broncos game and only our second professional football game. We were very eager for the game to start!

img_5642452952039436301211.jpgShortly after finishing our beers, we walked over to the stadium. We quickly got through security and inside. I had a big problem with this. The security was way too lacks and I honestly think they did a terrible job. They barely checked bags and they rushed people through. They were rude! You can never to be to careful today and I honestly would have zero problem waiting a little longer to get in if it meant we would be safe. Everyone should take a play from Disney when it comes to this stuff. They are kind and efficient.

A very worthy cause to donate to.


Once in our awesome seats (prices dropped drastically because both teams were doing poorly), we were pleasantly surprised to see how many Broncos fans were there. We watched the first quarter then went to grab some lunch. The food was pretty terrible and, at first, we thought my chicken sandwich had no chicken on it. Turns out the piece was so small and covered in cheese so we couldn’t see it. We discovered it after i demanded another piece… OOPS!


The game lasted most of the day and though we had an awesome time.. the Broncos lost. We were, however, very happy for Jon and Patrick. They finally got to see their team play live and they won. Live football is so exciting! I get easily distracted when it’s on TV, so I got really into it while we were there.





Before moving on to the next part of our day, I wanted to show you all the feelings Tom went through during the game. First, when we finally scored and then again when we lost. Oh and the middle one is his typical stop taking pictures of me with a fun new twist..


Once we were back at the hotel, we quickly got cleaned up and headed over to Coconuts for dinner. I had read a little bit about this place before the trip so I was excited when everyone decided they wanted to go there.


There was a little bit of a wait so we went into this tiny bar on the dock for wine and beer before being seated. Once we got our table, Jon decided to order the house speciality for all of us to share, the scoobies. What are scoobies you ask? They are crab claws in an incredible garlic butter sauce. They honestly don’t even need a review, just order them if you ever go. Words cannot describe how tasty they are!


For dinner, I had a lobster roll and mac and cheese (which was an up-charge, but worth it). There’s something so great about eating cold seafood on a warm night out on the water. I was in my glory. I do wish there was little less mayo on the sandwich. You have to let that sweet lobster meat shine, but I digress.


I think Tom had the Jambalya, but I can’t tell from the picture. He was so hungry he forgot to let me take a picture. Needless to say he really enjoyed his dinner.


After dinner, we sat in our Christmasy hotel lobby for a little while before calling it an early night. That busy day took a lot out of us.


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