South Florida 2017 – Day 3

Our final day was our beach day! We were all super excited to just relax on the beach in December. We still can’t get over how awesome that was.


For breakfast that morning, we decided to walk over to a little European style cafe. EuroBread is 1000 Seminole Dr. and specializes in pastries, quiches, coffees, and sandwiches.


Tom and I both ordered quiche and a coffee. He picked a tomato mozzarella and I had a spinach mushroom. Both were tasty, but still cold in the center after being warmed up.


With our bathing suits already on, we were off to the beach! It was still a little too cold for me and Danielle so we decided to enjoy the free beach chairs by relaxing and reading. The water looked absolutely beautiful from where we were sitting.


The boys opted to be a little more active. First by playing football and then dips in the ocean.


We just enjoyed the morning until our bellies grew hungry again. There was this little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant across the street next to the hotel that we decided to try and we did not regret it!


El Taquito puts out some really good food and it’s dirt cheap! I ordered ham and pineapple quesadillas and Tom had a giant steak burrito.


The food was fresh and delicious! We got to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. It was all around an awesome experience. I still think about those quesadillas. I plan on making them at home soon.


Back on the beach, it was time for drinkie-poohs! Tom went back to the hotel to grab us some perfectly themed margaritas. We’ve had better, but it was still awesome sipping them on the beach.


Before getting cleaned up for the night, Danielle and I sat on the edge of the pool and kicked our feet. Jon had to take Patrick to the airport and Tom was doing something (I cannot remember what) before joining us.

The plan for dinner was to head into Miami for Cuban food and then a little tourist night out in South Beach. We hopped in an Uber and we were off. Unfortunately, the place we had planned to go for dinner was closed…they only do lunch. Our Uber driver was nice enough to let us look up a new place to go. We picked a place called Sugarcane from a random google search.


On our way to our next location, Sugarcane, our Uber driver was pulled over… has this happened to any of you? It wasn’t just a speeding ticket, it was an expired registration and the guy had multiple driver’s licenses in his wallet. We were all getting a little nervous. These are the kind of stories you hear about on the news.  However, our imaginations were getting the best of us. He got a ticket and we were on our way.


We were seated right away at Sugarcane which turned out to be more of a tapas place.. I was not mad about that. Tom can really take or leave tapas it’s never enough food for him. We started out by ordering drinks. I ordered a hibiscus blossom (hibiscus-infused Espirito cachaça, citrus essence, mint) and Tom had an old fashioned.


You had to order off the food menu a certain way. You first picked from the small plates and then you picked an item from either the sushi, large plates, or the grill.


I ordered sushi and a small plate. For my sushi I had the night crab (snow crab, shrimp tempura, caper mustard) and for my small plate I picked the carrot (soup red curry, coconut milk, almonds, chili oil). Both were incredible! From the sushi the caper mustard really stood out. There was just so much creamy tangy that complimented the crab. The soup was so good I literally tried to lick my bowl clean.


Tom started with a salad, shaved kale & gala apple salad toasted walnut vinaigrette and then had flap steak with chimichurri from the grill.


Both were equally as good as mine. The sweet apples paired beautifully with the bitter kale and toasted nuts and the steak was cooked perfectly to medium rare. We definitely give Sugarcane a 4 out of 5 stars. Killer food and fun outside atmosphere, but don’t go if you’re hungry. It’s pretty expensive for small amounts of food.

Back in a cab, full enough, we were on our way to South Beach! I’m not a big partier so I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to enjoy myself that much, but I tried my best to put on a brave face so to speak for Tom and our friends. I did an ok job… I’m a brat.

When we first arrived we decided to take it all in before settling on a place. Everything was colorful and so full of life. I felt like I was in The Birdcage! Everything was fabulous.


We picked Mango Tropics for our first taste of the area and let me tell you we took a full bite. I was a little uncomfortable when we first walked in, but I quickly settled in once we found a place at the bar.


The bar was decorated in bright colors with sexy dancers taking center stage. I ordered a Bud Lite a sin in my eyes, but it was the only thing under $15. Tom had a mojito because.. MIAMI! Some of the cocktails cause like $25 or more, but they’re massive so you are getting a lot of bang for your buck!


We hung out at the bar for a while just taking it all in. There was a ton of people watching to be had. Lots of interesting characters.


We decided to hit up one more bar before calling it a night. We had an early afternoon flight back to New York the next day.  Florida, this trip helped me learn that you have so much more to offer than Disney World, but Disney still the best you got! Fort Lauderdale and Miami were great and we definitely plan on going back one day.


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