Mac & Cheese Fest

We were one of the lucky people who snagged tickets to the Hoboken Mac and Cheese fest before they sold out in under 15 minutes. I’m not even sure how that happened. We purchased the tickets in January anxiously awaiting the big day in March, but it wasn’t really worth the wait.

We wanted this post to be all about the tasty food and cool vendors we saw at the event, but it’s really just going to be a warning to people who are interested in going next year. It might not be worth your money.

We arrived at 10 to 12 because the event started at noon. We waited on a long line for about 20 minutes before they slowly started letting people into the church gym. Once we were inside we quickly checked in and just picked a path to travel upon.

The rather small spaced filled up quickly and it was hard to figure out what line you were standing on or if you were even waiting on a line at all.

We tasted about 5 different types of mac and cheese while balancing our coats and other items we had in hand. It was difficult to eat and the portions were so small it wasn’t worth trying to find a seat at one of the long tables taking up a lot of space. You would be back up again in 2 minutes to get more food.

After the first 5 macs we were very thirsty. We didn’t purchase a ticket with the open bar so we went to purchase a drink. Turns out it was only a cash bar which was rudely told to us. They also did not have any free water. So back down we went to sample the final 5 macs.

The place started to get more and more crowded. People were cutting in line and there was really no good place to stand and eat. We decided to call it quits with 2 macs left to try. We needed to get a drink and some air.

Before seeming way too negative the food was really good except the lobster mac that was just very fishy tasting. All the macs were very different and packed a lot of punch. We really enjoyed the eating portion of the event. We just wish it was better planned out.

We also want to point out that the live music was really good and the free Ben and Jerry’s!

Tips for the people running the event:

  1. Bigger Venue or less people.
  2. Small round standing tables instead of huge long tables to sit at.
  3. Places to sit around the venue not in one place.
  4. Free water!

We probably won’t be seeing you next year Hoboken Mac and Cheese fest, but thanks for the food!

PS. we found this old box of Kraft Mac and Cheese outside the venue from someones garbage. We felt it pretty much summed up the day.

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