FDNY Graduation

This is going to be a short post with lots of pictures celebrating my younger brother. He has officially become an FDNY Firefighter and we couldn’t be more proud.   

Tom and I went with my family recently to my brother’s graduation. It began with family day on Randall’s Island where the probationary firefighters demonstrate all they’ve learned in the fire academy. 

We watched my brother use the jaws of life on a car and repel down a building. There were demonstrations putting out car fires and building fires. We felt like little kids on fire safety day. It was really cool. 

Two weeks later it was time for TJ to officially graduate. The ceremony took place in a church in Jamaica, Queens. We heard speakers like the commissioner praise the hard work of each probationary firefighter. A prayer was said for the safety of each young man and woman (there were lots of girls. Go, girls!) who were graduating. 

Soon after they were announcing the names of each graduate. We excitedly cheered for each guy from my hometown as they received their diploma and then we waited and waited. It’s a curse having a last name at the end of the alphabet.   

TJ finally had his name called and our eyes filled with tears. We were all so proud of him. This had been his dream for 8 years and we watched him work so hard to get there. We love you TJ. You are our hero and we support you in everything that you do. 

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