Walt Disney World 2019 – Day 5

Don’t ya just hate when your last day in Disney arrives. It’s the worst, but we had a whole day in Epcot planned!

I had to close out the trip with some Mickey Waffles and bacon so I did! Tasty as always the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Tom had french toast which is not really pictured because he started eating it before I could take a picture.

All fueled up for our final day we boarded the bus the Epcot. We had our 3 fastpasses and a dinner reservation, but the rest of the day was up in the air.

We started our day in World Showcase. I have always wanted to watch The Voices of Liberty and it’s never worked out with our ever packed Disney schedule, but this time I was determined.

The Voices of Liberty is a choral in the American Pavilion. If you have not taken the time during a Disney trip to watch them you are missing out. They do multiple shows a day and each one if different. They are truly incredible. I was moved to tears watching them.

Moving on from there we went to our Spaceship Earth fastpass. We were truly all over the place. Epcot is large and you should strategically plan out your day unlike us. Going back and forth from Future World to World Showcase is exhausting…

Spaceship Earth will be going under a long refurbishment soon and the story will be changing so we were really glad we got to ride it this way one last time. I will always love Dame Judy doing the narration, but I’m excited to see who will be doing it next. I predict Neil Patrick Harris or Morgan Freeman. Let’s see if I’m right in a couple of years.

After Spaceship Earth it was bubblegum wall time. One last wall photoshoot before the trip ends. With the Spaceship Earth refurb do you think the bubblegum wall will go away?

Then we were back in World Showcase for some early afternoon (late morning) Margaritas from Choza de Margarita in Mexico. Tom ordered a classic frozen because it was so hot out, Tequila, Lime Sweet and Sour, Orange Liqueur. Served with Salt on the rim. I on the other hand had to be fancy and went with a cucumber on the rocks, El Velo Tequila Blanco, Cucumber Juice, Orange Liqueur, Agave Nectar and Tajin Chile-lime Powder rim. These are not cheap, but they are pretty close to New York City drink prices so we’re used to it.

Both drinks were very refreshing and once consumed we headed into the pavilion to Ride Grand Festa Tour. It’s a boat ride through Mexico told by the 3 Caballeros. I think it’s a super underrated attraction.

We were hungry after our journey through Mexico so we just hopped on over to England for some fish and chips. The Yorkshire County Fish Shop is an excellent quick service location serving up light and flakey battered fish and chunky fries. Be sure to slather it in malt vinegar for an authentic experience. This place is really tasty and it’s a great meal or a shared snack.

Waling back into Future World I met my childhood hero Belle. She was so lovely and we spent a little time talking about our favorite books.

Our next fastpass was for Journey into the Imagination with the OG of Epcot Figment! This is a ride that could use a serious upgrade. It’s dated and that makes me sad. Disney please give Figment the treatment he deserves. He’s the best and truly reminds me of my childhood.

Thirsty from our long journey into the imagination we headed over to club cool for one last beverly (yuck) as it was slated to close only a few weeks later. It was our last sips of Melon Frosty Fanta and Bibo. Now we’ll need to get our soda fix at Disney Springs and it will no longer be free.

Our last fastpass was for Soarin’ and though I miss the original the new one is still fantastic. I love this ride. It is both relaxing and thrilling. It is beautiful and fun. It has something for everyone as long as you aren’t afraid of heights.

After Soarin’ we had a little time to kill so we decided to ride Living with the Land because if you didn’t learn something while you were at Epcot were you even there?

The future of farming is actually really cool. Technology is going to take us to new heights and maybe even to new foods. Did you know that the vegetables grown on this ride are served at the restaurants in Disney World? I knew that already, but I still think it’s super cool.

Always remember that the future starts with us and doing something super small can help change the world.

All this talk of food had us ready for dinner. We were on to Via Napoli because we decided we didn’t give it a fair shake 3 years ago.

This time around we started with the Mediterranea salad, mixed greens, vine ripened tomato, black and green olives, cucumber, feta cheese dressing. It’s big enough for like 4 people especially if you’re also ordering pizza.

We went a bit more basic for our pizzas this time around and this is definitely the way to go. We ordered a large pepperoni and it was awesome! It’s $33 and serves at least 3 people. This is a very economical choice for Disney. The sauce is vert flavorful and they definitely delivered on the toppings. We’ll be back on our next trip for sure.

After our early dinner we bid farewell to Epcot. It was definitely not enough time in my favorite park and I always recommend at least 2 visits per trip because there’s so much to see. I know we’ll be back in a couple of years, but it’s still always hard to say goodbye.

Back at the hotel. We did one final walk around the property before boarding the magical express back to the airport. See ya real soon Disney World. We love you.


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